Roast Pork with Mui Choy

This is probably one of my top 10 favourite Chinese dishes. Here’s a simple method to make it where you purchase already made roast pork from the Chinese butcher. The key is to purchase the pork from a butcher that does it well or else the dish won’t have any flavor.

I’ve also made it from scratch as well but don’t have any pictures. I’ll make again and post.

1 bag mui choy (mustard green). Use 1/3 of it. Freeze the rest.
1.5 lb Roast Pork. Ask for roast pork near the bone.
Chinese cooking wine

Rinse mui choy 5 or 6 times. Soak 10 minutes each time. Really scrub it to make sure it’s clean or else it’ll have this gritty texture. Slice the mui choy into thin pieces and place in bowl. Add chinese cooking wine and sugar. Mix well. Place mui choy on a plate. Top with sliced roast pork. Place a trivet in wok and add water. Bring to full boil. Place roast pork mui choy plate on trivet . Steam over medium heat (3 on the stove dial) for 1.5-2hrs. You can probably check it at 1hr 15 minutes.


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