The Counter, Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, and Just Won Ton

This weekend has been HOT. We decided we wanted more and headed to the San Rafael farmer’s market (83 F) on Sunday where we picked up some fruit (organic Utah Giant cherries – never heard of them but sweeter than the Bing and Ranier we saw, nectarines, mandarins, and two pints of strawberries), vegetables (broccoli, yellow onions, green onions, and gai lan) and some Marin Sun Farms eggs ($8 per dozen for pastured based eggs).

Afterwards we decided to have lunch in Corte Madera. There were two places I’ve been wanting to try.  I’ve been reading about a recently opened place called Brick & Bottle but didn’t know much about it other than it was started by chef Scott Howard. We decided to stop by.

I went in, asked for a menu, and took a quick peek around. It was pretty empty and felt kind of formal (dark wood everywhere) for my board shorts, ball cap and t-shirt. We headed to the other place on my list which was The Counter in Corte Madera. I built my own 1/3lb chicken burger with tomatoes, organic mixed greens, grilled onions, and coleslaw all squeezed between a multigrain seed bun. It came with one sauce and I chose chipotle aioli. We also ordered “The Fifty Fifty” (sweet potato fries/thinly cut onion rings) which came with 3 sauces (sweet BBQ, horseradish mayo, and ?).

I liked my chicken burger although it wasn’t anything super special. I liked it was a whole piece of chicken breast. The bun was only ok for me. Seemed a bit dry  and the texture was a little dense but maybe that’s how it is when multigrain? I’d probably try a different bun next time. The sweet potato fries and onion rings were tasty. The rings were a little harder to eat since they were super thinly cut but guess I should have used a fork instead of my fingers! The BBQ and horseradish sauces were the most popular if we went by what was left in the sauce containers. Maybe that’s why I can’t remember the third sauce.

We headed back to the city and on the way home I remembered there was this new ice cream parlor I wanted to try called Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. It is located in the dogpatch near Hard Knox Cafe, Piccino, and Yield Wine Bar – all places I’ve been too. Both of the pastry chefs/owners were there. Ian Flores served me and I asked to taste Black Forest Chocolate Cake (my all-time favorite cake) and Chocolate Malt Ball before deciding on a scoop of the latter on a homemade sugar cone ($3 plus 50 cents for cone). When paying I asked the woman whom I believe is Anabelle Topacio how long they have been open and she said “we’ve survived for a month!”.

After a quick stop home, we headed out to Just Won Ton. While reading a review of Hakka on SF Weekly I had stumbled upon a positive review of Just Won Ton by Patricia Unterman so wanted to try it.  It is located in the Sunset on Vicente between 23rd and 24th Street It’s literally one of two restaurants on the block surrounded by residential houses; the other being Riverside Seafood Restaurant. We ordered won ton and mein soup and “dry stir fry beef ho fun”.

The won ton was good. What I noticed were the small pieces of shrimp mixed in with the meat. Noodles ok. Broth nothing special. Probably the best I’ve had in San Francisco to-date. It doesn’t compare to won ton in places like Vancouver but, for San Francisco, it was decent. I noticed the hot sauce they had was this hot chili black bean radish. First time I’ve seen that offered at any restaurant in the Bay Area. I was worried the radish was going to be mushy from sitting too long but it had a good crunch to it. The dry fried beef ho fun wasn’t so good. It was lacking in flavor and the ho fun was clumped together. I probably wouldn’t order this again. I have read the scrambled egg with beef or shrimp over ho fun is good as well as the braised beef and tendon noodle soup. I think I’m going to go for these next time. How much was our bill? Cheap.


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