Father’s Day at Murray Circle

We had heard good things about Murray Circle at Cavallo Point in Sausalito, California. We had read on one parent web site that it was kid friendly. I was surprised because I had considered booking Mother’s Day brunch there but when I looked it up, it looked kind of fancy pants.

We started off the day at Bay Area Discovery Museum before heading over to the restaurant which is just up the street. If you don’t get street parking then it’s valet only (although I did see this self-park area past the “valet only beyond this point sign”). I’d recommend grabbing the first open spot you see along the street up to the restaurant which is what we did.

We had a 12:30pm reservation but got there half an hour early and was able to get seated right away. The restaurant itself is really nice. The wait staff was really friendly. We ordered a kid’s menu for Ems which had a number of options. We decided on the corn dog and ice cream sundae.

I ordered oysters on the half shell from Drakes Bay Family Farm and had this braised beef hash with eggs over easy. I also ordered an iced tea.

Anna ordered fried chicken and waffles. We also asked for a soft boiled egg (not on menu). I got the ice tea promptly and they gave us some bread and butter which was good.  Not sure how long it was but I finally got my oysters after a bit of a wait. The oysters were good and came with lemon and a sauce.

Then the waiting really began. The bread person came over two or three times. We declined because we didn’t want Ems to be tempted by the bread. It must have been at least 20-25 minutes and lots of looking around for our waiter before a manager-type came over to see what was up. We said we’d be waiting awhile for our food and that if at all possible to bring the baby’s food first. The manager was really nice, said that the kitchen was busy but would check on our food. He came back and, to our surprise, brought us a small dish of mac ‘n cheese to get Ems started. Thank God. We were running out of ways to entertain her.

After a another bit of a wait all our dishes came. The chicken was hot; my dish not so much. It wasn’t cold but seemed warm at best like it had been sitting out for a little bit. The chicken didn’t have much flavor. My dish was “ok”. The eggs were done the way I liked them but I didn’t really like the dish itself. Anna thought the braised meat was kind of tough.

Ems dish was probably the best. The corn dog was only warm but tasted good. But as it got colder the batter wasn’t so good.  The mac ‘n cheese tasted good but wasn’t anything special.

We had also ordered a soft boiled egg. The waiter surprised us with two! We cracked one open and it looked really underdone to us. Hardly any white and lots of clear egg white. Needless to say, the yolk wasn’t anywhere near set. We thought, “ok, this one was just done wrong.”. I cracked open the second one and same thing! We told the waiter and asked for another one.

After about 5 minutes, the waiter came back and was like “The chef said what you are requesting is a hard boiled egg. Soft boiled eggs are done that way.” Maybe in France. But not here in the States! We canceled the egg order.

Overall we were disappointed with the food especially given it has one Michelin star! We couldn’t believe that the kitchen couldn’t handle the restaurant’s lunch orders. The place wasn’t THAT busy.

We probably wouldn’t go back to eat but we noticed that they had this nice outdoor area where you could have drinks. We might check that out sometime on a sunny day.

Murray Circle Restaurant

601 Murray Circle , Sausalito, CA 94965

Murray Circle on Urbanspoon


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