Hapa Ramen

We went to Whole Foods in Potrero Hill late Saturday afternoon. On the drive home, we decided to take the long way back and circle by Maggie Mudd in Bernal Heights. We have this buy something get another free coupon so thought we might buy a pint and get a free pint.

While driving south on 3rd Street we passed a Hapa Ramen sign hung up outside Dogpatch Saloon. We decided to check it out so did a U turn and parked in front of Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. The line wasn’t long at all (probably since it was still early) so we were able to order right away. They had one choice which was Pork Ramen. $11.50. Cash only. After a short wait we got our bowl of ramen!

We noticed a few people eating inside Yield so we headed inside and grabbed a table. The staff there were super nice and helpful.  I ordered a glass of red wine and the second from the bottom menu item (can’t remember the name!).

The ramen was decent I guess but I think the overall experience is what made the meal. The idea of happening upon Hapa Ramen after we’ve been meaning to try it since it debuted a few weeks (month?) back but didn’t when told by our friends they were taking reservations for 9pm  and it was only 6pm! And having to order the ramen outside a saloon on the sidewalk before heading into the next door wine bar to eat it.

The lineup at Hapa Ramen got noticeably busier while we were eating. After finishing our meal we headed over to Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. On the way over we checked out some other food stalls set up on the block. In addition to the ones shown here, there was Radio Africa and some drink lady.

At the ice cream parlor we got a pint of cookies and cream before heading home!


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