July 4th Long Weekend

We were trying to figure out what to eat Friday. I wanted a place close to our place, food that Emma would eat and, if possible, a new restaurant. At first I was thinking pupusas since we are close to the Mission and there are a few places that I’ve seen and heard about that I’ve wanted to try.

While looking up a few places I came across this Nicaraguan restaurant called Oye Managua. All the reviews I read raved about this place. What put us over the top in trying this place was the fact we could walk there in literally 5 minutes! We’ve seen this place many times when driving through or walking in the area but it kind of looked like a dive bar from the outside so didn’t think much of it.

When we got there, there were maybe 3 other tables occupied. It was pretty empty which was perfect since we could sit anywhere.I think I saw a highchair but we had brought our own portable chair so used that. We got our menus promptly. The guy who seated us took forever to come back to our table to take our order. I had to flag his ass down. But he was super nice and came over right away. I asked him about the nacatamale and if today counted as the weekend (there was a note saying serving only on weekends) and how big it was and he said it was a “one person meal”.

From the reviews, people raved about the charbroiled chicken (1/4) with Nicaraguan cheese, salad (beets, tomato), rice, plantains, and beans. Everyone also said to try the nacatamale and that it was to die for. So why chance it I say! We ordered these two dishes.

The meals came pretty quickly and both were delicious! The chicken was super moist and flavorful. We both liked the plantains. We weren’t really into the cheese. Not sure how it’s supposed to be but the texture was kind of spongy. The nacatamale was GOOD! Pork (some bites were pure fat – mmmm), capers, potato, tomato, rice were the things I could pick out. The only thing I was disappointed about was the size. But then again I should have known since it was only $5. It wasn’t enough but I supplemented with some chicken and plantains from Anna’s dish which filled me up. Originally I was going to order the nacatamale plus another main dish (#3 on the “Meats and Fouls” section of the menu) but when he told me it was enough for one person I skipped the other dish. . Total meal: $20.20 including a soda.

Towards the end of dinner, one of the younger guys there (staff?) busted out his karaoke machine and started singing!

I thought this place was really good and will definitely be back. A great start to the weekend!

The next day we had swim lessons in the morning at Crissy Field and decided to use our Plum District coupon we purchased online ($10 for $20 worth of food and drink) for a NY Style pizza place called Pizzeria Avellino. We had heard good things about it. We were early so the place was empty when we got there. We ordered a 16″ pie  – half cheese and half Lombard combo. With a root beer the total was $20.82.  It took maybe 10-15 minute before it came out. It was hot and had lots of toppings on the one half. We’re no NY pizza experts but we both liked the pie.

After lunch we headed over to First Korean Market to pick up some marinated meats and kim chee for ourselves and a July 4th BBQ at Anna’s cousin’s place.


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