Tortilleria El Molino

I wanted to get out at lunch so two of my co-workers and I headed out. The problem was we didn’t know where to go. After some discussion on the type of food, we decided on Mexican. But where?

I did a quick look up on Yelp and honed in on Mexican restaurants with high stars and lots of reviews.  Tortilleria El Molino caught my eye.  Does 55 reviews count? It did for me.

The good thing was the restaurant was close by the office. I busted out my Incredible and had the GPS direct us. We ended up at this Mexican strip mall. I saw at least four taquerias and two markets. After parking and walking around the mall we finally found it. It’s tucked in towards the back of one side of the mall.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was this machine pumping out fresh tortillas.  The menu above the kitchen doesn’t mention burritos so I was about to order a torte. But then I saw the list of burritos on a menu found beside where you order.

I decided to get a pollo burrito without cheese and sour cream. My co-workers got a pastor torta and two tacos (forgot to ask which meat). The burrito cost $5.45 total which is super cheap.

It was a thumbs up from everyone. We all enjoyed our respective meals. We were people watching while eating and there seemed to be a lot of people ordering the smoothie. We’ll have to try next time we go.

Tortilleria El Molino

1500 Monument Blvd
Concord, CA 94519


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