Cafe Bakery & Restaurant

We usually try to go out for dinner Friday nights. Nothing special. Nothing fancy. And hopefully not expensive. Just a chance to unwind and not have to cook since we try to cook during the weeknights.

We decided on a Chinese restaurant that serves HK-style food called Cafe Bakery and Restaurant. The bakery side serves some good char siu (BBQ pork buns) and gai mei bao (“chicken tail” bao) – two of my favourite buns! It’s a little more expensive than some of the other places but worth it.

We got to the restaurant and it was busy. There were a few people waiting ahead of us. Anna went up to the front (towards the kitchen area) and had our name put on the waiting list. We were told the wait was 15 minutes. I think it ended up being closer to 20-25 minutes.

There are specials posted on two boards one on each wall. NY steak, salmon, rack of lamb were some of the items I can recall.

We watched the waiters bring out dish after dish: fried chicken, rib eye steak with what looked like a pepper sauce, sea bass, baked seafood rice and many more! All of these dishes come with spaghetti or rice, frozen vegetables (depends on dish), salad or soup, bun with a pat of butter and a dessert. Some also come with milk tea or coffee.

Once we were seated, I took a look at one of the menu boards and the chicken spaghetti with XO sauce caught my eye.

The past few times I’ve been here I have ordered the baked pork chops over fried rice since it’s a favourite of mine but this time I wanted to try a new dish.

Anna ordered the oxtail stew with spaghetti.

The milk tea wasn’t sweet so wasn’t into it. I guess I was supposed to add sugar.  Oops.

The bun was good. It’s really moist and slightly sweet. The soup was only ok. It had pieces of fish in it and I think potato (maybe not)? I didn’t finish it so I had room for the main course.

I really liked the chicken spaghetti with XO sauce. It came with chicken, celery and thin slices of carrots. It’s a bit on the spicy side which I liked but left me with a runny nose. The portion was large. I can’t believe I finished it.

Anna’s oxtail stew dish had this sweeter taste than I’m normally used to but I liked it. The stew came with large chunks of stewed carrots.

The waitress brought our dessert which was two slices of this pie that had this pineapple filling. I took a few bites but had no room for more plus it didn’t taste that great.

The meal cost us a tad over $20 and I left a 10% tip.


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