Beijing Restaurant

I was looking for a place to eat dinner tonight and started looking online and flipping through some San Francisco magazines I had. I came across Beijing restaurant and remembered our friends had gone and liked it.

It was only a 10 minute drive away (if that) in an area of SF that I’m not that familiar with. I think the area is called Mission Terrance. There are actually a number of places I’ve wanted to try in the area (and adjacent areas) – Broken Record, La Santaneca, El Zocalo to name a few.

We packed up and headed out. Along the way, it definitely felt like we were headed to a grittier part of town although not as bad as I had imagined. The restaurant is located in this smallish red building on the corner of a busy intersection (Alemany/Ocean). They supposedly have a small parking lot but there was plenty of street parking so grabbed a spot across from the restaurant.

When we entered the restaurant, the place was maybe a 1/3 full. A mix between latinos and chinese. The waitresses were really nice and we sat down by the far wall. The first thing I noticed were all these pictures on the wall. Then I noticed one of them had Yao Ming in it! And as I looked around the room, Yao Ming appeared in more photos! He’s freakishly tall or the people standing beside him are midgets.

The waitress came by promptly. I had looked up what I wanted to order prior to arrival so didn’t have to look at the menu too long. We got beijing vegetable pie (filled with green chives and egg) ($6.95), cumin lamb ($8.95), nappa (sic) with pork dumplings ($7.50), pork with ground bean sheet ($7.95), and spinach with garlic ($6.95).

My favourite dishes were the cumin lamb (tasty, spicy and meat was pretty moist), pork with ground bean sheet and the dumplings (pork and ginger – meat wasn’t too packed together and flavorful).

I liked the pie. It wasn’t super crispy and had a slight chew. But as Anna said, the amount of chives gave it this super strong taste so the first one was good, the second was like “I definitely feel like I’m eating chives” and the third piece was like “holy chives!”. I guess if you love chives you’ll love this dish.

The spinach had this cilantro or parley flavour to it although I couldn’t actually see it in the dish. So either I was imagining it or picking up the taste from one of the other dishes. The dish was only ok for me. It seemed kind of bland like it needed a bit more salt. I also couldn’t really taste the garlic although I could see the small garlic pieces. The portion was large. I probably won’t order this dish again.

Pork with ground bean sheet. What is that? Obviously I didn’t know. When I first read it I thought it was bean CURD SKIN. So when the dish came and it had all these translucent  “noodles”, I was like, wait a minute, what is this? Then when I asked the waitress about the dish, it clicked that I had read the description wrong. Regardless, this dish was good!
Overall, the service was excellent, waitresses super nice, and the food very tasty. Given it’s so close to our place, I’m sure we’ll be coming back soon.

Beijing Restaurant

1801 Alemany Blvd.

San Francisco, California


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