Washington Bakery & Restaurant

I hadn’t been to Washington Bakery in SF’s Chinatown in years. We used to go more often when I lived a short distance away in North Beach on Kearny (at Broadway).

This place has it all. A bakery out front with cakes, buns, cookies, and other pastries. The menu is a mix of HK-Style dishes, rice porridges, won ton noodle soups, rice plates, and noodle dishes (lo mein and pan fried noodles).

From what I remember the baked pork chop is pretty good but felt like something else for lunch. I ordered a bowl of chicken porridge (jook in cantonese) and something called ngao lei so which translates to (roughly) cow tongue pastry.

It’s slightly sweet and has a donut-like consistency. You can eat it separately or dipped in the porridge. I like it better than youtiao (fried bread) which is longer and thinner in shape and salty tasting. Both have to be freshly fried to be any good. Unfortunately, the ones I got were lukewarm, soaked in oil and looked heavy.

However, the plain jook was good! The slices of  meat in it…uh just ok. The texture of the meat was slightly stringy and had no taste.

Anna ordered beef stew won ton noodle soup. It was a good portion and tasty. I added a touch of red vinegar to each spoonful I had.

Afterwards we took a short walk up to Golden Gate Bakery to grab a couple of dan tat (egg custard tart).

Comfort food on a lazy Saturday.

Washington Bakery & Restaurant

733 Washington Street
(at Walter U Lum Pl)
San Francisco, CA 94108


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