Taste of Formosa

We headed out for an early dinner on Friday evening. We tried to go to Taste of Formasa last weekend but because the only high chair was used we ended up at Ichiraku (Blech!).

We wanted to redeem ourselves so headed back to this Taiwanese restaurant even though it was across town.

The restaurant was empty when we arrived probably because we were there early. The waitress was very friendly and attentive.

She brought us our menus, a bowl of nuts and a set of utensils and takeaway bowl for Emma.

I kind of over ordered but did so on purpose so we could try a good number of dishes. I ordered braised marinated beef tendon (hot) and the Taiwanese dumpling to start.

Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I asked for Taiwanese Pot Stickers and remember being mildly surprised when this one dumpling appeared in a bowl. Looking at the menu, maybe they actually gave us either the Pork Dumpling or the Taiwanese Style Dumpling? I’ll have to check next time.

Regardless, whatever we got tasted pretty good. It was a bit on the sweet side (I could taste the hoisin sauce) but would order it again. The beef tendon wasn’t terribly hot and had a slight chew to it.

We got the Taiwanese Fried Rice Noodle. Anna and I both thought it lacked a bit in taste like it needed some salt. But I liked the concept of it. This was probably my least favorite dish.

The Preserved Pickle with Shredded Pork Noodle Soup was really good! This was my favorite dish.

I also ordered a Beef with Satay Sauce. This was a little out of place since we didn’t have any rice to go with it. The beef sat on a bed of spinach. It was a decent sized portion.

Throughout dinner, we were the only table downstairs save for one table behind us and a couple of people doing takeout. However, there was a steady stream of people coming in but they headed straight upstairs.

If you just looked in the front window you’d have thought the place never got any business. I couldn’t hear any noise from upstairs either. It was like people were just sucked up and disappeared!

Taste of Formosa

2428 Clement St
(between 25th Ave & 26th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94121


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