“Handmade Noodles…7×7 Hot List”. Sucker. Me. I was at J-town with Emma and had wanted to go to Mifune but when I asked them if they had a highchair they said no. So onto the next place I went.

I peeked down from the second floor and checked out Suzu Noodle House but there seemed to be a line. And then I saw it, “Handmade Noodles…7×7 Hot List”.

We got seated right away and they did have a highchair so started off ok. I ordered Miso Ramen with BBQ pork. As we waited, I heard the waitresses speak Cantonese to each other. Uh Oh. Bad sign.

After waiting  about 10 minutes, the bowl of ramen arrived. First thought was the BBQ pork on top looked dry. Then I tasted it. All I could think of was Canadian bacon cooked too long. I don’t know why but it that’s all I could think of. Not so good.

The noodles were not ramen noodles and reminded me of those packs of Shanghai wheat noodles you find at Ranch99 in the freezer section. The miso soups was junk. Green onions, a few bamboo shoots, and half a hard boiled egg completed the dish.

I was reminded when I got home that we’ve been to that place before and didn’t like it. D#$@!

I’ll definitely remember next time.


1581 Webster St
Ste 202
(between Geary Blvd & Post St)
San Francisco, CA 94115


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