Cypress Grill at Harding Park

It was a beautiful day out and we decided to go to Cypress Grill at Harding Park Golf Course for lunch. For a PGA level course, you would expect the food to be pretty good but unfortunately it’s just run of the mill stuff.

Even knowing this we still went there more because we knew it would be pretty relaxing and with two kids in tow that’s pretty important. The place was pretty empty and we were able to get a window seat looking out onto Lake Merced where I spent many years dragon boating. For some reason, it looks so much nicer from the clubhouse than from the docks where I had spent so much time.

Anna and her mom ordered the soup and sandwich combo which was choice of soup (they got clam chowder) with a 1/2 chicken club sandwich.

We ordered fries which came with two small cups of ketchup and ranch sauces if I remember correctly.

I got the fish bagel burger (fish tempura, coleslaw, havarti cheese, tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles) but requested a normal hamburger bun.

The first bite was actually good but subsequent bites left a lot to be desired. In hindsight, it was probably because I was hungry which made that first bite so good. The batter was “soft” and “bready” which isn’t a good combination. The coleslaw was ok.

What I remembered most about the fish burger was the size of the fish and the fact that it had all of these “legs and arms” like an octopus.

It may not have been good but I almost ate the whole thing. I was stuffed.

For a place that was so empty the service was pretty poor. I had to hunt down the waitress for things like water and she never seemed to come around to check up on us to see if we needed anything. She and the other wait staff that we talked to were all very pleasant; they just seemed a bit slow.

Cypress Grill at Harding Park

99 Harding Road
San Francisco, CA


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