Fish & Farm

I got together with some grad school friends for dinner tonight. I had made a reservation for eight via email with someone named Michael at Fish & Farm. It was fast and efficient. No phone calls necessary. He hooked us up with a private room to boot!

Fish & Farm is inside the Mark Twain hotel. I went to check in and the hostess directed me to come back out to the hallway and to the other side where they had the private room set up. It felt a little weird but worked I guess.

Once inside and after we got settled the waiter took our drink order. I ordered an Anchor Steam which was one of a few beers on tap. We also ordered our dinner. No one except for one person ordered an appetizer and he had the fixed menu which costs $41.95.

I was expecting to see the burger on the menu since it got a lot of press in 7×7’s 100 Things to Try Before You Die article but it was nowhere to be found. I ended up choosing the Roasted Pacific Halibut (Green Garlic Puree, Spring Vegetable Ragout, Wild Mushrooms, Port Shallot Reduction). The fish was cooked pretty well and had a good taste.

Others ordered Liberty Ale Fish & Chips, Potato Gnocchi, and Chef’s Daily Cut of Beef (can’t remember which cut it was).

After the main course we got some desserts to finish off the meal. I ordered a Cheesecake in a Jar. There were two orders of this fruit tart with vanilla ice cream and a couple of chocolate sundaes.

I didn’t really like my dessert. I found it a bit grainy. I liked the cranberry jam and the butter crumble on top. The fruit tart and sundaes were a hit. The tart was HUGE.

The service was a bit uneven not terribly so. For example, the bread came out way after we got our drinks. We had to wait a bit for one of the main dishes to come out when everyone else had theirs. They forgot a chocolate sundae. At the same time, they kept my water glass filled throughout the night and the waiter was friendly so can’t complain.

All in all a successful and fun evening! Got a chance to catch up with everyone although would have been great if we could have spent a bit more time together.


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