Let’s Be Frank

It was a clear, sunny and relatively warm day after Emma’s swim lesson so thought we should take advantage of the weather and grab a few dogs from the Let’s Be Frank stand at the Warming Hut in Crissy Field.

When we got there I overheard one of the guys running the stand that it would be another 15-20 minutes before they would be open. I decided to head  into the Warming Hut. I needed to give something to Emma to tie her over until her hot dog was ready. So I busted out all the snacks I had and she sat down and slowly ate everything. Cherry tomatoes, whole wheat graham wafers, and dried square seaweed sheets.

While waiting we met this couple, Chet and Michelle, who were sitting beside us and were expecting their first child in December. They currently lived in Nob Hill but were planning to move out of the city to the suburbs (Belmont was one option) due to the high cost of schooling in the city (sounds familiar).

I shared with them my advice from being at CPMC twice in the past 2 years. Steal, I mean, borrow, at least one  if not two waterproof blanket. I went on to explain what happened to us the first year and the “crime scene” of yellow poo all over our bed and baby at 3am and that this blanket would save you some cleaning up time.

Ask the nurse to fill you up with infant diapers, formula (if you need it), and wipes before you leave the hospital. And then grab what you can on your own and stuff in your overnight bag.

That the husband should bring in his own food  from the outside or get someone to bring him food or else you’ll pay $8 for a bagel like I did. Oh it did come with one of those small packets of cream cheese.

The chinese food menu was actually decent. The jook was surprisingly tasty. Maybe the cook staff was all Chinese.  The last night in the hospital you are both entitled to paid for meals aka the “celebration dinner”. This is your chance to order filet mignon if you like or chicken like I did.

The hot dog stand was now open and had a short line so we said our goodbyes and headed out. I ordered a Frank dog (100% grass-fed beef) and a Brat (pork) dog both with grilled onions which set me back $11. I added a bit of ketchup before we went to sit down by the retaining wall to enjoy the scenery and chow down.

The Frank dog with grilled onions.

The Brat dog with grilled onions.

The view from where we ate.

Emma chowed down on her hot dog including the grilled onions. Awesome way to spend a sunny Saturday by the Bay.

Let’s Be Frank (Hot dog stand)

Warming Hut at Crissy Field

San Francisco, CA


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