Chenery Park

I heard about this place years ago from a friend on mine who went there. At the time I think I was living north of Golden Gate Park and Glen Park was some distant district that I wasn’t very familiar with.

Now I live less than a 5 minute drive from the restaurant but hadn’t checked out the restaurant until now. I had heard that this place was kid-friendly (Tuesday is kids night), served contemporary American cuisine, and a couple of the owner/chefs worked at Boulevard before.

I made a reservation on opentable just to get the points but I think we could have walked in and got a table. When we got there, the hostess greeted us and asked us if we wanted a children’s placemat and crayons for Emma.

The restaurant is two levels and we were seated upstairs. They had plenty of room behind the booth seating for things like backpacks, jackets, etc.

The menu had appetizers, small plates and large plates. The specials were a little confusing since the small plates and large plate were all lumped together on the page. I had to ask her the difference and how it worked with the sides listed.

The regular small plates and large plates were separated out on the menu.

My dad ordered tomato soup and pork belly. I got fried green tomatoes and rack of lamb chops with gratin potatoes. I got a mac ‘n cheese for Emma. The waitress asked if I wanted the bread crumbs on top or left off. We also ordered two glasses of white wine.

The waitress brought out some bread which Emma devoured. So much for getting her to eat her dinner later!

The soup, fried green tomatoes, and mac ‘n cheese came out first. Dad liked the soup. I thought it lacked flavor. Emma seemed to like it.

The fried green tomatoes were small. I was expecting larger slices of tomato. It was in this cheese sauce. It was just ok for me.

The mac ‘n cheese was decent although Emma wasn’t into it.

The rack of lamb tasted good but I was disappointed in how it was cooked. I asked for it medium rare and it came out unevenly cooked.

A close up of the uneven cooking.

I also found the rack of lamb really fatty and had to cut a big chunk of it out near the bone. It probably would have been cleaner if they “frenched” the rack of lamb.

Anna wanted me to order her take out rack of lamb so I asked the waitress what I should order if I wanted the lamb cooked pink. She said that the restaurant tends to cook things on the rarer side and to order it medium.

I had a small piece of the pork belly and it was ok. My dad liked it.

I found it a little pricey when compared to some other restaurants but I would check out the restaurant again given the place is kid friendly, the  staff is really nice, the atmosphere is pleasant, and it’s super close by our place.

Chenery Park

683 Chenery St
(between Carrie St & Diamond St)
San Francisco, CA


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