Mission Minis

Stopped by Mission Minis to pick up some mini cupcakes for the first time. The small storefront is on 22nd Street between Mission and Capp. When I got inside there was no one but me.

At $1 a pop, it seemed a bit steep given the cupcake size but in the end I ordered eight minis: Ruby Red Velvet (2), Aztec Chocolate, Banana Maple Glaze, Classic Vanilla, Ginger Carrot, Double Chocolate and…and now that I look at the photo, I think she accidentally gave me a Peanut Butter Kiss (lower right hand one). I’ll guess we’ll see when I taste it.

I split the Ruby Red Velvet and the Aztec Chocolate with Anna. She didn’t like the red velvet. She found it a bit dry but I reminded her we put it in the fridge since it was so hot out. I thought it was ok. We both liked the other one.

If I compare Kara’s Cupcakes and Sprinkles down in Palo Alto with this place I probably prefer those two to this one.

I think I saw the first signs of the cupcake craze in Vancouver way back in the early 2000s when I happened upon Cupcakes while walking on Denman. I remember at the time I didn’t think it was that great but will have to try it again later this year when I’m up there and compare.


(9/7/10): My friend Jessica read this post and mentioned another cupcake place to try: Sibby’s Cupcake in San Mateo. They don’t have a retail storefront but deliver or you can pick up at the bakery if you make an appointment. Will have to try as well.

(9/8/10): We had the rest tonight and it was better this time than when we tried the initial two. And the girl did give me the wrong cupcake but the Peanut Butter Kiss was tasty.

Mission Minis

3168 22nd Street (between Mission and Capp.)

San Francisco, CA


2 thoughts on “Mission Minis

  1. Ooooh! you definitely have to try Sibby’s , Derek !!!
    they’re a little pricey too but worth it.
    you have to order ahead of time and pick up.
    we really liked the carrot-cinnamon and the red velvet.
    they also have really cute decorations for the holidays ( or you can request them too)

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