Hong Kong Lounge

Anna’s parents went to Hong Kong Lounge last year and said it was really good and cheap. If I remember correctly, they said they ordered a set menu and you could choose from peking duck or lobster along with a number of other dishes all for $69.99.

Tina, who washes my hair at the haircut place I go too, loves to eat so we talk food every time I go. When I was looking for a whole roast pig for Emma’s 1st birthday party she told me to go check out Hing Lung Company on Stockton in Chinatown.

She said it had crispy skin, meat wasn’t too salty, and they cut the pig and reassembled it nicely for you. I went, placed an order to sample, was sold, and went back later to place a whole pig order with them.

We talked Chinese restaurants last time I got a cut and I mentioned Hong Kong Lounge and how there were new owners within the last year or so and it was supposed to be pretty good. She said it definitely was good but very busy with long waits.

Luckily I remembered this place today when we were thinking about where to go for lunch. I was mentally prepared for an hour wait and dropped off my parents and Emma to grab a number and wait while I parked. It was 12:10pm.

To my surprise, when I walked into the restaurant, we had already gotten seated! Yes! The place was busy with people waiting in the tiny lobby but no one was really waiting outside yet.

There were no carts in sight meaning the dim sum was to be ordered from a menu.

We ended up ordering steam special clams (2 orders), gai lan with oyster sauce, beef rice rolls, hao gao, steamed pork ribs, steamed chicken feet, tofu skin roll, sticky rice in lotus leaf, deep fried taro dumpling, pan-fried turnip cake, and steamed custard bun.

The clam was sliced thinly and mixed with bean sprouts and green onions in soy sauce. Everyone seemed to liked this dish.

Gai lan came with oyster sauce on the side. Good.

Hao gao (shrimp dumpling) were big, had plenty of shrimp, small silvers of bamboo shoot and the skin is pretty thin. Good.

Steamed Pork Ribs were tasty but seemed to be overpowered just slightly by one spice whose name escapes me.

I usually rate a dim sum restaurant based on how well they do chicken feet (don’t know why. I just do). This  version looked good, had good texture, but like the pork ribs it had too much of that one spice.

This dish reminds me of my Caucasian friend who I took to dim sum in Ottawa many years ago. He would try anything and so when I told him what this was he was game. But before I could give him instructions on how he should eat it slowly, bite off each bone at the joints, twirl it around your mouth, eat the skin, and then spit out the bone, he proceeded to slam the entire foot in his mouth!

Problem was he didn’t know what to do next. So he held it in his mouth like a little kid who doesn’t want to eat his food. Oh well.

Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf tasted good. It’s the first time I’ve seen this dish with all these fresh shrimp in it though.

Tofu skin roll dish was big and good.

Taro Root Dumpling was made a little differently than I normally see it. The shape and the slivers of ? at the top were things I hadn’t seen before. It was also probably the worst dish we ordered. No one at the table really liked it.

Beef Rice Roll had nice texture and tasted delicious!

Pan-fried turnip Cake had a nice texture to it – overall smooth but with little bits of turnip throughout. I like mine pan-fried a touch more and it could have used more filling but otherwise good.

This wasn’t what I was expecting when we ordered the baked pork buns but nevertheless they tasted pretty good. Good amount of filling (onions with pork) and the top of the bun was slightly sweet.

Finally, we ordered yellow custard buns for dessert.

Overall, this place is pretty good. Will have to come back very soon!

Hong Kong Lounge

5322 Geary Boulevard
San Francisco, CA


One thought on “Hong Kong Lounge

  1. That might be me with the chicken foot thing – but I’m hoping it was someone else…I probably would have just chewed like crazy and swallowed it all.

    Remember back in the mid-90s we bought these huge honking pork ribs, took them back to your place to barbeque, flipped them over…and…skin, hair and TEATS! ICK.

    BTW – we made the buttermilk waffles last night and my kids think you are a cooking god. Couldn’t believe how light and fluffy they cooked up. The recipe must have made about a dozen, and we ate over half.

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