Broken Record

I’ve wanted to try Broken Record every since I had heard that these two chefs had started some good food in the back of the bar. I vaguely knew where this place was and kind of kept it in the back of my mind as a place to try.

Then I received the email from BlackBoardEats for 30% food at Broken Record – dine in or takeout.  Perfect!

I tried calling the bar to place my order ahead of time but no dice. I was told I had to come in to order.  I looked up the bar and it was only a 10 minute or so drive from our place. On my way over, I could tell I was definitely in the grittier part of town.

Once I turned on Geneva, I took the first free parking spot I found which was on the intersection of Geneva and Mission. I was in the middle of a commercial area so thought I was close (wrong!) to the bar. I started walking and saw Geneva Bakery and Phillies – both places I want to try.

After a couple of blocks I finally realized I’m not as close as I thought. But instead of turning back I decide to keep walking. It was a little sketchy but not too bad.

I finally saw the place up ahead and was about to enter when I was asked for ID. I forgot that this was a bar. It was pretty happening place. Pool tables. Tvs. Lots of people. Pretty run down as well.

I actually felt a bit of out of place as I headed down the narrow hallway to the back where the restaurant was. And to think I initially thought we could bring the two kids to the restaurant to eat. Uh….No.

Once I got to the back, it opened up to a large dimly lit room. There were a few people sitting at tables eating and drinking, I saw the door to the outside bar area and up on one wall they had a movie playing…Cannonball Run?

To my right was the menu board up above the semi-open kitchen area where two guys were busy cooking and one guy taking orders.

After spending a few minutes taking a look at the menu, I decided to order a bit more food than I normally would because 1) I had the 30% off discount and, 2) I wanted to sample as much variety as I could.

I ended up ordering Pulled Pork Sandwich with coleslaw and spicy mayo and a Chicken Fried Sandwich with heirloom tomato, lettuce and honey mustard and mayo sauces. To complement the sandwiches, I ordered a basket of sweet potato fries which came with ranch dressing dipping sauce (dill taste?).

I got a baked Mac ‘n Cheese and was asked “with or without bacon” – with bacon which by the way was nitrate free. Finally, I ordered Tomato Toast which was grilled texas toast with heirloom tomato, burrata cheese, chopped basil and olive oil.

Total cost: $25 after 30% discount. Cash only.

I sat down and people watched while waiting for my order to be ready. The place slowly got packed. I think I got there just at the right time. I saw a lot of burgers being ordered which looked good and made me hungry. It looked like everyone was eating in except me.

During my wait, I realized I not only felt out of place…I looked out of place as well. This is what I was wearing.

Thank god I had my Leafs ball cap on…not that anyone would know hockey in this bar.

It took a good half an hour before my order was ready and the guy who took my order said they were running out of bags and wondered if it was ok if they packed my food in a box (which was fine).

Off I went back to my car. The box actually was a good idea as it prevented my dishes from flipping over by accident.

Once I got home we cracked open all the containers and chowed down. Everything was excellent.

The tomato toast was great. Emma couldn’t get enough of this one especially the tomato which was sweet and juicy.

The pulled pork sandwich had a slight kick to it.

The chicken fried sandwich had a good sized piece of chicken breast and was moist.

The sweet potato fries were great and the dipping sauce addictive.

The mac ‘n cheese was tasty but it wasn’t as creamy I would have liked. I’m guessing it’s because we didn’t get a chance to eat it hot.

Broken Record

1166 Geneva Ave
San Francisco, California


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