I was running some errands and stopped by a new coffee place called Vega in SOMA. They serve Blue Bottle coffee and offer all the usual coffee drinks  – latte, cafe mocha, cafe au lait, espresso, cappuccino, etc. They also have a small display case for baked goods although when I got there it was pretty bare.

But the reason I came was to try the Macau Iced Coffee which is whole milk combined with a shot of Blue Bottle espresso, and sweetened with organic cane sugar syrup.

The stand felt similar to the Blue Bottle location in Hayes Valley albeit a bit larger space. There were a few people milling about who had ordered and were waiting. I ordered the Macau Iced Coffee and the guy goes, “I assume whole milk is ok with you?”. I hesitated a second before saying, “Can I actually get non-fat milk and I can pretend it’s whole milk!”

It cost $3.50 and delicious.

There’s actually two locations with the other one called Special Xtra.


1246 Folsom St. (near 8th St.

San Francisco, CA

Special Xtra

46 Minna St. (near 1st St.)

San Francisco, CA


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