Baked Rainbow Trout in Foil

I bought two rainbow trout from the San Rafael farmer’s market today and decided to cook one of them for dinner and freeze the other. The girl who sold me the trout told me that I could serve one whole trout per person. She also discounted them by $1 per lb  (bringing it down to $5.99/lb) since they were about to close up.

I had some leftover lemons at home so I thought I’d stuff it with lemon and then season the fish with some thyme and salt and pepper and bake it in foil.

Preheat oven to 425F. I rinsed the fish and dried off with a paper towel before placing on a sheet of tin foil. I proceeded to sprinkle a little dried thyme (would have used fresh if I had some) on both sides of the fish before salt and peppering inside and out. I cut the lemon and placed inside the fish.

I then wrapped the fish up nice and tight so no steam could get out and placed on cookie sheet before putting in the oven.

I baked for 20 minutes although probably could have checked it at 15 minutes. I made a salad from the ingredients I got from the farmers market and whipped up an olive oil, balsamic vinegar and minced garlic dressing to go on top.

After 20 minutes, the fish was moist and tasted pretty good. I probably could have used slightly more salt but I rather undersalt than oversalt.

Here is a shot of the Trout meat.


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