Benkei Noodle Shop

I was thinking of going back to Kintaro Ramen or Motomachi Shokudo for my ramen fix while here in Vancouver. However, I decided to try a new place I’ve never been too called Benkei.

I got there shortly after noon and there was a short line with about 4 or 5 people in front of me. The girl came out and asked everyone how many in their party.

Once I got inside the door, I took a peek inside the place and it was pretty busy with all tables filled.

I got seated after about 15 minutes which wasn’t too bad. I sat at the bar seating beside the only white guy in the place.  The menu was slightly different than what I saw on the menu board while waiting. There were 5-6 ramen to choice from and on the backside of the menu, you could add single items like boiled egg, corn, etc for additional money. They also had appetizers and drinks.

I decided to try Shio Ramen after quickly scanning the items. I realized after that I had chosen an item with the following description “… a source for beatiful skin and strong bones…this ramen is especially popular with women”.

While waiting, this guy across from me sat down and seemed to know one of the waitstaff. Next thing I know, he’s getting comped a bowl of some rice dish. I couldn’t figure out what it was but as Emma says, “I want that!”.

My ramen came out pretty quickly. Overall, it was decent. The cha siu was thick sliced and good, the broth was on the thin side but maybe that’s how this one is supposed to be (next time I think I will try miso), and the noodles had that chew. I liked it way better than a few ramen places in SF (but not as good as Halu in SJ or Santa in San Mateo – at least the original Santa before it moved) but I prefer the other two ramen places here in Vancouver.

Benkei Noodle Shop

747 Thurlow St
Vancouver, British Columbia


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