Saiwaii Ramen

After Emma’s weekly swim class I decided to hit up a new restaurant on Irving for lunch. The only problem was I didn’t have a place in mind!

After driving slowly from 19th Ave all the way to 25th Ave along Irving, I spotted Saiwaii Ramen in the old So location. There were only two other tables occupied in the place and I noticed the flat screen above playing Cannonball Run (which is what I also saw during my Broken Record visit).

Emma and I sat down and the two waitresses helping us were great. Super friendly. Emma wanted rice but I wanted ramen. Hmmm what to do! I noticed they had this combo special where you could order any ramen (~$8) and get a side order of donburi ($3) so that’s what I did.

I ordered the tonkotsu ramen with shrimp and mixed vegetables (tempura) donburi which covered all my bases.

Overall it was a satisfying bowl of ramen. Not the best I’ve ever had but ok and pretty good by SF standards. The broth had decent flavor and the cha siu was tender and had good flavor (especially when I compared it to the horrible cha siu at Sappora-ya). The donburi side I probably could have done without. The shrimp and veggies tempura was pretty standard.

I’ll definitely come back  based on this experience. As an added incentive, I hear they periodically offer braised pork belly as an option.

Update (11/6/10):

Went here again and we had the Spicy Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen and Miso Ramen.

Saiwaii Ramen

2240 Irving
(between 23rd Ave & 24th Ave)
San Francisco, CA


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