Anthony’s Cookies

On my way home from work today, I stopped by  Anthony’s Cookies to pick up some cookies. I didn’t realize it was so close to my place and only a block and a half from the newest location of Arizmendi Bakery!

Anthony’s has a core group of cookies they always produce and then rotate special cookies periodically.

I ordered a dozen for $11 – 2 toffee chip, 1 German chocolate, 2 double chocolate chip, 2 cookies + cream, 1 oatmeal raisin, 2 classic chocolate chip, 2 oatmeal cranberry.

I asked the guy what they do with the leftover cookies and he said the closing guy gets his pick to take home with the rest going to a nearby shelter.

The cookies are soft but crispy around the edges. I had heard the toffee chip and cookies + cream were pretty good so I tried those two first. A little sweet for my taste but not bad.

Anthony’s Cookies

1417 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA


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