Schweet Boks Cereal Eatery & Cafe

After stopping by Saiwaii Ramen again this week, we checked out Schweet Boks Cereal Eatery & Cafe just down the street. I had heard of this place back in August. From what I saw of the menu they serve all sorts of customized hot and cold cereals, coffees, teas, smoothies, etc.

Anna went in with Emma to check out the menu while I took care of Lilly outside. Anna came out and said the guy said they have the best coffee. So I went in to check it out.

The guy was super enthusiastic. I asked him what was in the Angeleno Iced Coffee. He said it contained agave syrup, milk and four shots of espresso. I asked him what type of milk he uses and assumed whole milk but he said the default is 2% but he can do whole or non-fat as well.

I decided to order one with non-fat milk. He whipped it up very carefully and pointed out that the agave syrup was at the bottom and that I should periodically stir the drink a bit to mix it in.

The coffee was good but I prefer the Macau Iced Coffee I had at Vega although technically I guess they are different drinks. I noticed that they offered their own version of the Macau Iced Coffee so will have to try that next time.

The place is super small and has been open about  a week and a half.

Schweet Boks Cereal Eatery & Cafe

2142 Irving St
(between 22nd Ave & 23rd Ave)
San Francisco, CA


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