Tataki South

Tataki South is a new Japanese restaurant in our neighborhood. Took over space previously occupied by Deep Sushi.

We had a feeling this place was going to be expensive but given it’s not 2 blocks from our place we had to give it a try at least once. We had heard this place was kid-friendly and it didn’t disappoint there.

The main dining area isn’t very large and the atmosphere is very relaxing (think dim lighting) and you don’t feel rushed. They have a sushi bar area and a handful of tables (each seats maximum 4). I think they have a back dining area as well although I didn’t see it.

The waiters were super nice and attentive – brought out a high chair, winnie the pooh bowl and spoon, small water for Emma – and were picking up everything she dropped on the floor. We were also able to order Emma’s meal immediately and it came out quickly. As any parent knows, this is a major plus.

The menu consists of robata items, appetizers/salads, rolls, special tataki items, small area for sashimi and nigiri chef’s specials, and a pretty decent vegetarian section.

The most expensive rolls were priced $15 (yikes) which was found under the specialty rolls section with the cheapest around $5-6 (standard rolls).

We ordered a variety of items (as much as you can with two adults and a toddler) after consulting with the waiter.

Didn’t get a good shot of this one. Emma was trying to get it at it. This was from the robata section of the menu. The mushroom was tender and tasted ok. Probably wouldn’t order this one again.

The bottom item was chicken and green onion robata item. It’s a bit sweet and I ate it with the green onion. Good. The top item is oyster on the half shell ($2.50). It was uh…small. Good I guess but for some reason I was expecting a larger oyster.

Hotate ($12)- one of the special Tataki items. farmed scallop, citris aioli, thin slice of lemon, lemon zest, rice cracker, fish eggs. I ate the lemon slice skin and all with the scallop. This dish was good.

Sweet Potato Tempura Roll was good.

Gyu hire yaki was skewers of spice dusted beef skewers. I thought the meat was going to be more tender. Anna had to chew a bit on one of her pieces. Taste wise, it was meh. Wouldn’t order this one again.

I think this one was called Green Dragon. I can’t remember what was in it but it was good but not $15 good. Ouch.

Samna which was salt-crusted mackerel pike robata. I liked this dish the best.

Overall I liked this place but given the price ($80 including all taxes and tip) I don’t think I’ll be coming back any time soon.

Tataki South

1740 Church St (between 29th St & Day St)

San Francisco, CA


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