Pinkie’s Bakery SF

I wanted a coffee and decided to grab a Macau Iced Coffee at Vega. I remembered it was on Folsom around 8th so parked just west of 8th. As I walked towards Vega I passed by Pinkie’s Bakery which I had read about so decided to grab some baked goods!

The bakery itself is really small. All the baked goods were lined up in the display case or on top of it.

I asked the girl serving me what they were known for. She mentioned the Bear Claws and said customers also liked the ginger and peanut butter cookies which had this cream cheese fillings (can’t remember names),  banana walnut bread and the carrot cake. I decided to order six items – bear claw, ginger cookie with cream cheese filling, peanut butter cookie with cream cheese filling, carrot cake, chocolate cherry (?) oatmeal cookie, and an apple turnover.

Overall, I thought the pastries were only ok. The best was the carrot cake. The ginger cookie was too sweet for me. The peanut butter cookie was a bit better. But I found that there was too much filling in both. Anna liked the chocolate cookie. I only took a small bite and thought it was ok. I love apple turnovers but this one didn’t have enough apple filling for my liking.

I started reading some articles about them and it seems they specialize in cakes so I think I’d go back but only order cake.

As I was talking to the girl, I asked her about the adjoining restaurant which is called Citizen’s Band. She said same owner but it’s a separate business.

Pinkie’s Bakery

1196 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA

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