Meat & Bread

Delicious. Fast. Friendly. This place was worth the trip in the rain. I got there just in time to as the line snaked behind me as one of the guys behind the counter took my order. The list of sandwiches isn’t extensive but what they have was good.

There’s one guy cutting up the meat, another taking orders, the third guy making the sandies, and the last guy packing your order and taking your money. The place was hopping and was pretty full.

I ordered the porchetta, meatball, and Mexican chicken and added two orders of potato salad. While waiting I snapped some action shots of the sandwiches being made. Here’s some porchetta that just came out of the oven. I love porchetta.

The sandwiches come wrapped individually.

Here they are, starting off with the meatball which has a bit of a spicy kick to it.

The porchetta under the hood.

Finally the Mexican chicken.

I completed the meal with some potato salad.

Meat & Bread

370 Cambie Street (at Victory Square)

Vancouver, BC


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