Mui Garden

We were in Richmond checking out a couple of the malls on a rainy and cold day and wanted to hit a new lunch spot after. I had quickly put together a list of restaurants in the morning – a HK style cafe,  won ton place, and a Shanghai restaurant.

Our friend Jason had also recommended getting a pineapple bun from Lido Restaurant so once I looked up these places while walking the malls, the HK cafe won out given its close proximity and the fact we were lugging a sleeping baby along.

We headed to Mui Garden, parked right in front, and were seated quickly. The place was pretty empty but did slowly fill up while we were there. The menu was pretty extensive but I honed in on the curries since that’s what I heard they were known for.


We decided to split two dishes – a pork chop curry over rice which was part of a set menu that included a drink (got nai cha)  and soup and Hainan chicken over rice. Both dishes  were served quickly.


We liked both dishes although I thought the portions were a bit small in size. Even the pork chop was pounded pretty thin, the meat wasn’t dry. I asked the waitress about the curry dish and she told me that  the coconut milk was specially imported.

The soup and milk tea were  nothing special.  Service was friendly.

There are four locations so next time no need to go to Richmond to try. I’d definitely like to come back and sample other dishes.

Mui Garden

5960 Minoru Boulevard
Richmond, BC



2 thoughts on “Mui Garden

  1. Nice! It’s great to know of another local blog who loves Chinese food as much as I do. Keep in touch … we should meet up one day for lunch if you are up to it!

    BTW, am gonna put up your site on my blogroll. Hope that is A-OK with ya!


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