Transylvania Traditions Bakery

On the recommendation of our friends Jason and Veronica, we headed to this bakery to try something called kürtos kalács.

We got there in the morning and had to wait about 15 minutes before the place opened. We headed to Shoppers to kill some time and to see if they carried a ginger bread house kit ($10) for Emma. Luckily they did! We had tried Costco and they were sold out.

We came back to the bakery and headed in. The woman was very nice and had to set everything up before she could help us. The place is pretty small but there were a couple of tables if you wanted to sit to eat your dessert.

The display case wasn’t full but what was there looked good.

However, there was no kürtos kalács in sight! Once the woman was ready, I asked her about it and she said it takes about 20 minutes to make. Since I had to meet some friends for lunch I decided to come back in the afternoon. I asked, should I pay for them now? and she’s like, I know you will be back because they are delicious so no need!

I came back a few hours later and there they were, the kürtos kalács!

I watched another woman make a few kürtos kalács. They “BBQ” them (those where her words) in here.

And then coat the kürtos kalács.

I asked them for recommendations on what else to order besides the kürtos kalács. They said everything was good. All freshly made and no additives but said popular choices included the savarina and the cremes. I ordered one each and a kürtos kalács. $14.

My favorite was the kürtos kalács followed by the savarina and then the cremes. The kürtos kalács is basically a sweet bread that had this subtle orange flavor. It had a nice chew to it, crispy crust (is that the right word?) on the outside, and was oh so soft on the inside. Even though the outside of the pastry is coated in a mixture of sweet spices (including cinnamon and sugar) it wasn’t too sweet.

The savarina was basically a cake dipped (soaked) in some syrup that had this rum flavor and filled with fresh whipped cream and topped with a strawberry sauce. The cremes had a layer of filo pastry, a layer of custard (not creamy custard but semi-solid consistency) and topped with this layer of whipped cream and crushed walnut mixture. I thought I tasted a hint of rum but it could have been the after taste from the savarina.

Overall, this place was good. Although I liked the cremes and the savarina I’d probably be inclined to try some of the other desserts next time. However, I’d definitely order a kürtos kalács. According to the woman, the bakery has been opened almost three years and hopefully it’ll be around for many more!

Transylvania Traditions Bakery

1111 Davie St

Vancouver, BC


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