Thai Son

I headed out for lunch with some family friends to Thai Son on E. Broadway. I’d never been there before so was excited to try a new restaurant.

The menu looked pretty extensive. On the back were pictures of people posing together. I was told that they were HK movie stars. Really? I’ll let you be the judge.

I was feeling like a Vietnamese coffee.

To share, we  ordered summer rolls, egg rolls, and a steamed vermicelli, grilled beef ribs, and vegetable dish.

For myself, I ordered spicy beef and pork hock with vermicelli in soup. It had some cut up meat balls and sliced meat in it as well.

My soup dish was spicy but not crazy hot where you are drinking water every two seconds. It had a good taste. Enjoyed it. The summer roll was pretty standard. The peanut sauce that accompanied it seemed a bit more watery (not as thick) than I’m used too. Taste wise it was fine. The fried egg rolls were tasty and slightly different than others I’ve had. The meat maybe?

The noodles had a nice chew to them.

The beef ribs dish was good. I haven’t had vermicelli prepared this way before. Reminded me of those gauze pads you would use to treat deep cuts and scrapes. Guess that’s not the most appetizing thought. The vegetables consisted of pickled radish and carrots (although very mild), basil, lettuce, and this other leafy herb.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal very much and will be back again.

Thai Son

373 E. Broadway

Vancouver, BC

Thai Son Vietnamese (Broadway) on Urbanspoon


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