Anna’s Cake House

My parent’s friends raved about this place. They said every time they visit relatives in the Bay Area they are asked to make sure they bring the bread and chocolate cake from this place. And we aren’t talking one or two loaves and a few pieces of cake. They pack a box full of the bread and hand carry the desserts. I guess when customs asks them what they are bringing into the country, they say “Anna’s Cake House bread!”.

Given the rave reviews, I had to make a stop by here to try some for myself. There are several locations. We hit up the E. Broadway one. The place seemed pretty new and stood out on a drab looking part of town.

When you enter the bakery, there is a place on the far left to sit and enjoy dessert, on the right in the distance are wedding cakes, and right in front are the breads and cakes.

The sweet bread comes in a loaf. It was nice and soft and slightly sweet. It reminded me of King’s Hawaiian buns but not as dense or sweet. I liked it better.

The chocolate cake slice was covered in chocolate shavings and sprinkles on the sides. For some reason I thought it was going to look more chocolaty dark.

My expectations were probably a lot higher than normal but I was disappointed. Everyone agreed the chocolate taste actually came from the sprinkles. The cake itself didn’t really taste like much. The cake itself was moist and I still liked it but I can’t say it’s a must have.

The walnut napoleon was good but again I wouldn’t go out of my way to get one.

Overall, I’d definitely come back for the sweet bread but probably wouldn’t make a special trip for the desserts.

Anna’s Cake House

606 E. Broadway

Vancouver, BC


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