Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

I’m back! It’s taken a good week to get settled back into a routine and still not quite there yet. We had no food in the house so had to go to  Rainbow Grocery to restock all our pastas, rice, flour, cereals, and oils. Unfortunately I found out that they don’t offer the 20% discount off entire bill anymore. Bummers.

I started reviewing my Vancouver/Honolulu notes and photos and decided to start off with one of the last restaurants we went to while in Vancouver. My parents wanted to treat Anna to a king crab birthday dinner and the plan was to go to Kirin. My mum called to book a table for eight for Saturday December 18th evening and pre-order the king crab but was told that there was a banquet reserved for that night and they might run out of crab. My first thought was, can’t they just order more?

Anyways, we decided to call Dynasty on W. Broadway to see if they could accommodate us. Although they were busy that night, they were able to reserve a table for us and pre-order the king crab. I’d only been to Dynasty for dim sum but never for dinner so was looking forward to trying something new.

Dynasty was hopping the night of the dinner. We got a good table near the window which had a view of the mountains. All the tables were full with a small banquet on one end of the restaurant occupying a good portion of the tables. If I remember correctly, it was for an wedding anniversary.

My mom said to look in the tank for our king crab. It was pretty easy to find. See it?

My parents told me the crab was going for $33 per pound which was up significantly from last year ($25 per pound I think). This mean this puppy cost TWO-HUNDRED and SEVENTY DOLLARS! Let’s just say I ate every morsel of meat and then some.

The waiter brought the crab over to our table before bringing it to the kitchen.

We started off dinner with a clear broth soup. It was good.

The soup’s meat and vegetables were spooned out into a separate plate for us to eat. I drank the soup but didn’t touch the rest to save my appetite for the crab.

Next came out the first crab dish which was steamed crab legs in garlic and green onions.

It was pretty good. Here are a few other shots of this dish. Drooling yet?

Here’s the second way they cooked the crab. Although it had the chili peppers it wasn’t too spicy. Pretty well made. Batter wasn’t too thick, good taste, and not too salty.

Then came the pan-fry black cod which was excellent.

We had a Shun Tak Sparerib dish which was very tasty.

Then came the final crab dish which was fried rice with crab.

And finally I think this was snow pea shoot leafs with some strips of ham on top.

For dessert, they offered Malaysian red bean soup which I’ve never had. I forgot to take a picture of it. But basically it was similar (kind of) to the typical red bean soup you normally get at the end of a Chinese meal except it had peanuts in it. Not my thing. My cousin Julie made a cake for Anna which we had at dinner.

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

777 West Broadway, #108
Vancouver, BC

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