Aphrodite’s Organic Café and Pie Shop

Towards the end of our trip in Vancouver we were finally able to arrange a get together with our family friends (brother and sister and their respective spouses) for breakfast.  It was difficult finding an open day since between their families and ours we had eight kids all with different schedules that we had to work around. There was school, skiing at Cypress, dim sum with the grandparents, naps, The Nutcracker Ballet – the list went on and on.  Then there was the matter of who would take care of them. Luckily  we had two sets of grandparents who were willing and able. Problem solved!

Even though our friends live in Vancouver, I was tasked with providing breakfast restaurant suggestions. I ended up with a list of five places: Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe and Pie Shop, The Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe, Twisted Fork Bistro, Deacon’s Corner, and  La Brasserie. I had a few more in mind but thought they might not be appropriate (e.g. one is a bar that added food which got good reviews). In the end, the consensus was Aphrodite’s and that one won more because it was close to the friends place which made it easier to arrange babysitting. I hope to try the others later this year when I’m up again.

What attracted me to this place was the pie. I love pie. Especially strawberry-rhubarb pie which is not very common in the States (or at least California) but is found everywhere in Canada so I like to get my fix when home. It didn’t hurt that this place tried to use local organic food.

We were running a bit late but so were our friends  so it all worked out. After sitting down, I ordered a coffee which was great. Forgot to ask what it was but I liked it. A lot.

Besides the regular menu, they had a brunch menu which had a variety of items from bennys to a standard “eggs and bacon with a side of toast” type of option. Mark ended up getting the Aprhodite’s Stuffed French Toast which was described like this: Stuffed with seasonal fruit cream cheese, served with maple syrup and organic chantilly whipped cream.

Marie and I got the Aphrodite’s breakfast which was three organic eggs with your choice of bacon, sausage, tofurkey sausage, ham or tofu. Served with home fries, multigrain toast and garden greens. They had all the standard type of sausages like turkey and pork but what caught my eye was the elk.  If I remember correctly I think Marie had the same. The cafe sources all its sausages from Oyama Sausage Company. Marie vouched for the company and said it’s the best. I must admit the sausage was great. Not too salty and great taste. The bread was only ok for me but it was a multigrain bread which tends to be more dry when compared to the unhealthy white bread. Overall, I enjoyed my meal a lot.

James ordered the tourtière which was my other choice but hesitated because nothing beats an authentic tourtière from Quebec and was worried I’d be disappointed. However, he liked his dish so I’ll consider giving it a try next time.

Finally, Anna ordered the Smoked Sockeye Salmon & Fresh Basil Benny. She didn’t enjoy the meal as much.  Thought it was only ok and wouldn’t make a special trip back here.

For some reason, I think I forgot to get a picture of Serena’s dish. Darn it.

I can’t forget that they brought some raspberry jam, peanut butter and butter for our toast.

Even though we were all stuffed, we had to try the pie.

We ordered an apple pie with whipped cream and a strawberry (or was it raspberry?)-rhubarb pie and four forks. Everyone loved the apple pie while people were only ok on the other one.

The service was friendly and attentive. All in all I liked this place and would come back here. However, given the number of new breakfast places popping up in Vancouver, it’ll probably be awhile before I get back here.

Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe and Pie Shop

3598 4th Ave W
Vancouver, BC

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