Food. I eat it. I breathe it. I cook it. I love it. I probably have over 40 cookbooks that I consult regularly. Some more than others. My particular interest is Chinese cooking and ways to improve my skills. I’ve been thinking of creating this blog for years and procrastinated to the point of doing nothing about it…until now.

Originally I only wanted to write about  Chinese recipes but decided to expand it to everything food related whether it’s a restaurant I went to recently or a new recipe that I liked. Having said that, I’m hoping to build a good repository of Chinese recipes.

My memory is shot these days so this will (hopefully) also allow me to remember how I made a particular dish if I want to attempt it again. Or it will jog my memory if I really did like that restaurant.

Gow’s Takeout is a Chinese Canadian restaurant that I grew up with in Nepean, Ontario, Canada. One of my high school classmates’ (Eve Gow?) parents owned this restaurant. It was located in a strip mall which contained a Dominion and my old TD bank among other things. I wish I had a picture of it. Unfortunately, the building has long since been razed with another strip mall building put up in its place.

During high school, it was a place where I’d go with my Caucasian friends on a semi-regular basis to pick up Friday night take out. Chicken balls never tasted so good.

When I was 12 I joined an organized outdoor hockey league and my team was sponsored by, you guessed it, Gow’s.  Our uniforms proudly displayed the Gow’s logo and covered up my paper thin equipment underneath. It would have been fine since it was a no checking league but I was the goalie. Hello? I need protection!

I have a Gow’s team picture somewhere. If I find it I’ll post it here.

I work as an online product manager by day and food blogger by night. I reside in San Francisco, California with my wife Anna and our two beautiful daughters.

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One thought on “About

  1. Wow…great reading; good research and tasting commentary.
    Maybe include your own recipes following your experiences.
    Your dining choices are topnotch…wish Hawaii’s were half as good as Vancouver’s.

    The print in this review is a little small; could it be bolder?

    Bon Appetite!

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